Alison Hyde, Ki-Hara Master trainer, NASM CPT

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Stretch stronger with Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching

Are you searching for relief from chronic pain? Looking for ways to increase your flexibility, strength, energy, and ease of movement?  Seeking faster recovery from workouts, better posture, and better muscle tone?  Ki-Hara resistance stretching may be the answer.

Ki-Hara resistance stretching is an innovative form of flexibility training that simultaneously lengthens and strengthens the muscle at the same time, keeping the muscles safe from overstretching which can cause injury.   This type of flexibility training is a full body workout, stretch therapy, and connective tissue release all in one!  By moving the arms and legs in specific rotational and diagonal patterns, the core is continually engaged and the body achieves optimal strength and flexibility in all planes of motion.  From the elite athlete to the average couch potato, resistance stretching is highly beneficial to just about anyone!