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Client Comments

Drake Reed, Pro basketball player

I've been playing professional ball for 9 years, and like most pros as we enter our 30's, we look for ways to prolong our careers.  I'd never heard of Ki-Hara resistance stretching before I met Alison.  Her knowledge and attention to detail is elite.  Muscle stiffness is gone, flexibility is better, and I feel stronger around every joint in my body.  This type of stretching enhances my day to day weight and sports training.  I look forward to every session, knowing her methods are improving my overall durability and health.

Karen Buckey

Alison loosens the tightest muscles in my legs then takes me through Ki-hara stretches that feel wonderful--increasing my range of flexibility. Our goal is to strengthen my upper and lower legs to compensate for my lack of knee cartilage—now noticing a measurable improvement in the new pain-free way I can zip up stairways!

Jan Mangelsdorf

After months of physical therapy, I still had limited range of motion and pain in my right shoulder from a rotator cuff injury. With resistance stretching, Alison restored full range of motion and strength, and I now sleep at night without shoulder pain waking me up. I never would have been able to achieve the level of pain relief I have now in my hips, knees, and neck without the resistance stretching and mashing. Both have truly changed my life.

Alan Scher Zagier

As a lifelong competitive athlete, I’ve always recognized the necessity of proper stretching.  But Alison’s mastery of Ki-Hara has completely changed the way I approach this critical task.  She seems to have an endless supply of techniques in her tool bag, and consistently introduces me to neglected muscles/areas that I barely knew existed.  Alison is kind, funny, and always learning- a true teacher.  Whether weekend warrior or couch potato, you’re sure to benefit.

Steven Lembark

One reason I’ve found resistance stretching really works is that Alison and I can communicate what we feel while we are stretching.  She is very knowledgeable and can adjust/control the movements as we go to make it work- a huge improvement over my just guessing about it or even a skilled trainer estimating results via visual cues.  The direct contact makes a big difference on areas like rotator cuff, which requires a non-linear motion to stretch.  Without her help there is no good way to really stretch those muscles.

Jesse Goldner

After resistance stretching with Alison I always feel an overall sense of well being.

Connie Bowen

I struggled with muscular injuries and inflexibility throughout my collegiate athletic career, and discovered resistance stretching through Alison the summer after graduation.  It’s been a total game changer for me- I only wish that I’d discovered it sooner.  It’s a great alternative/addition to yoga for recovery and maintenance between lifting and hard workouts.

Private sessions are offered in 60 and 90-minute blocks. 90-minute sessions are highly recommended especially for the first session to allow more time for problem solving.   Although immediate gains in flexibility are often achieved in the first session, in 3 sessions you should feel a much bigger difference.

Single Session Pricing

Single 60-minute session- $90
Single 90-minute session- $110

Package Pricing

3-pack 60-minute sessions- $225 ($75 per session)
3-pack 90-minute sessions- $270 ($90 per session)
6-pack 60-minute sessions- $360 ($60 per session)
6-pack 90-minute sessions- $450 ($75 per session)

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